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Everybodies favourite deserts all rolled into one one delicious cookie dough and ice cream taste tha..

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This might be possibly the fruitiest, zesty, citrusy juice you will ever try. It’s fruiteee!This jui..

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A fruity blend of grape and strawberry which complement each other bringing you an all-day vape that..

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Feeling like you need a holiday? Why not try Mango Attack! A fruity blend of Mango and more all sque..

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SHAKE IT 120ml

Its simply that famous shake that everyone knows and loves, Just enjoy that smooth strawberry Milksh..

£19.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Welcome to Shake '2' Vape!

Shake '2' Vape was founded for one reason and that was to develop and manufacture affordable quality UK made e-liquid.Our team of mixologists have spent the last 12 months developing our recipes again and again until they we’re as we wanted them before they could be launched into the market.

We have now created 5 amazing flavour combinations that we are excited to share with the general public. With an ever changing industry and vape scene plus with TPD now upon us we have decided that the best way to make our juice as irresistibly priced as it tastes would be to create a Shake & Vape solution which is where our branding and name has come from.

Our juices will be sold in 120ml chubby style bottles to which you will then have to add multiple nicotine shot’s to bring your juice to the strength you desire. Not only have we developed the most amazing flavours but we also took the time to create our own branded nic shot to get our juice tasting just right.

Instructions on how many shot’s and how to add these shots to your juice is provided with any order made on our website and when bought in any of our official stockist stores.We hope you enjoy vaping our juice as much as we enjoy making it.

Thanks from all the team at Shake '2' Vape.